Divyang Person For Bus Pass Plan & Login 2021

The scheme has been implemented by the state government for the purpose of providing financial relief to the persons with disabilities, children for medical treatment, going to social work, for study purposes and other travel expenses of the bus.Can.

Name of the scheme

Divyang identity card and ST. Free Bus Travel Scheme (100% State Government)

Eligibility criteria
A person with 40% or more disability
The standard of assistance

● Gujarat State Road Transport All types of buses are provided the benefit of free travel within the limits of the State of Gujarat.
● Under this scheme benefits are given as per the percentage of disability shown in the form below

Documents to be submitted

● Proof of Residence (Ration Card / Electricity Bill / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Any one of Election Card)

● Proof of age (School Leaving Certificate / Medical Certificate / Birth Certificate (any one of the above Talati / Nagar Panchayat records))

● Disability Medical Certificate showing the percentage of disability of District Civil Surgeon / Doctor Superintendent

● Signature of the applicant

● Full photo of the applicant

Disposal of duplicate card in case of loss or cancellation of disability identity card

● Disabled identity card can be obtained by applying on plain paper.

● Duplicate card is discarded by submitting the canceled identity card to the office.

● A free travel pass is issued to the office of the District Social Security Officer, submitting the application form with full details.

☑️ To fill out the form, copy the link below and open it on your laptop or desktop

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