PM Kisan Yojana 2021 Will get now 6,000 to 10,000 rupees

PM Kisan: On February 1, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the budget for the financial year 2021-22. Its preparations are in the final stages. This time the government's focus is on farmers. Amid the farmers' agitation on the Delhi border following the three agricultural laws, the government may make several big announcements in the interest of farmers in the budget. It is learned that the annual amount of Rs 6,000 per PM farmer can be increased.

◆ The government can increase the amount by 6 thousand rupees

The Central Government may increase the installment of Rs. 6,000 received under the Kisan Samman Nidhi. In this time's budget, the farmers have demanded from the government that this amount is not enough for farming and it should be increased. The budget estimate for the financial year 2019-20 was about Rs 1.51 lakh crore which increased to about Rs 1.54 lakh crore in the next financial year 2020-21.

Apart from this, the allocation for rural development has also been increased from Rs 1.40 lakh crore in 2019-20 to Rs 1.44 lakh crore in 2020-21. Under PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana increased from Rs 9682 crore in 2019-20 to Rs 11,127 crore in 2020-21, under PM Pak Vima Yojana from Rs 14,000 crore in 2019-20 to Rs 15,695 crore in 2020-21.

◆ The amount can be increased from 6 thousand to 10 thousand rupees

Experts believe that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman may take a decision in her favor in the forthcoming budget with the aim of appeasing farmers who are opposing agricultural laws. It is also known that the government can increase the annual amount of Kisan Samman Nidhi from Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000.

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The government gives Rs 6,000 a year to farmers in three installments of 2000-2000. That means farmers get only Rs 500 per month. Farmers say that the amount received under PM Kisan Yojana is Rs 500 per month which is very low. It costs about 3000 to 3500 rupees to harvest 1 vigha of paddy and about 2000 to 2500 rupees for wheat. Rs 6,000 is very little help for farmers who have more land in Teva. This amount should be increased to meet these costs.

Web Title : pm kisan yojana financial help may be increased in Budget 2021-2022 from rupees 6000 to 10000 yearly

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