Diesel Half Price & Law Cancel To do Including Farmers Government Before Put This 6 Demand

The farmer is adamant on the demand to repeal the agricultural law. One more round of talks is being held between the central government and farmers on Thursday. In this, the farmers have submitted their demands to the government in writing. On which they are seeking a guarantee in writing in any case. For the past one week, Sakar has been constantly persuading farmers to end the agitation on the streets of Delhi

Farmers have these 6 Want

  • 1. All three agricultural laws should be repealed
  • 2. MSP should be legalized for farmers

  • 3. The Swaminathan formula should be applied to keep the MSP fixed

  • 4. Amendments to the Air Pollution Act in the NCR area should be repealed.

  • 5. The price of diesel for agriculture should be halved.
  • 6. Cases against peasant leaders, poets, lawyers and other activists across the country should be withdrawn.

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