Vijay Rupani made A Big Announcement & Gujarat Government 5 Lakh Employees Diwali Gifts

CM Vijay Rupani has given Diwali gifts to more than five lakh officers and employees of the Gujarat Government Deepavali to all the officers and employees serving in the state government On the occasion of New Year festivals, the Chief Minister has taken a benevolent decision to give Rs. 10,000 as a festival advance without interest

To further encourage digital transactions, the amount of this advance will be given to the officers, employees in the form of cards. The interest will be repaid in 10 monthly equal installments without interest by the State Government

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As a result of this noble decision of the Chief Minister, people will be able to buy things during the Diwali festivals. As a result, business employment of small traders will get a boost. In the current situation, the economy of the country and the state will also get a new impetusca-pub

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