Modi government's scheming scheme! Every month sitting at home will get 5 thousand

If you are 18 years old and are planning for your future then this opportunity is very special for you. Today we are going to tell you about a government scheme under which you can get a lifetime benefit of Rs.5000 a month or 60 thousand rupees a year after the age of 60 if you deposit a lot of money

Atal Pension Scheme

For the low income people, the Modi government has a popular pension scheme that guarantees fixed income. Under this scheme a citizen of any country can join the same as soon as 18 years of age. Under that, it is necessary to open an account that has monthly, quarterly or 6 month investment facility. Under this scheme, a maximum pension guarantee of 60 thousand rupees or 5 thousand rupees a month is guaranteed.

●Get this way for 5 thousand rupees a month
If you join the Atal Pension Scheme at the age of 18 and open an account to get a monthly pension of Rs 5,000 or Rs 60 thousand, then you have to deposit 210 rupees per month. You have to invest Rs 210 monthly till the age of 60. After the age of 60, your account will come to Rs 5,000 per month. That was Rs 60,000 a year.

The benefit of joining a younger age
If you join the Quarterly Plan from the age of 18, your total investment will be Rs 1.05. There, if you join the age of 35, you have to deposit Rs 2688 per month for a three month plan. You have to invest 25 years. That way, your total investment will be Rs 2.68 lakh. That is, you need to deposit around Rs 1.63 lakh more for the same pension plan.

●The benefit of this plan

Your total investment in this will be only Rs 1.05 lakh. While your whole life will be in your account 5 thousand rupees every month

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●Six month plan

Under the six month plan you have to invest Rs 1239 every 6 months. The investment will have to last for 42 years. Your total investment at that time will be Rs 1.04 lakh. After 60 years of its substitution, you will get a lifetime of Rs. 5,000 per month.


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