Less Educated People Will Also Be Able To Start & Own Lpg Gas Agency 2020

It’s time to open a gas agency every time. Not only can this lucrative business be started easily, but it also opens up avenues for earning from day one. If you also want to open an LPG gas agency, you should be aware of all the rules. Gas companies run dealership programs from time to time. He said he needed dealers in the city to expand the distribution network. Gas companies are to build new distributors by March 2021. Advertise for it soon

◆ How to get a gas agency

The three state gas companies in the country are Inden, Bharat Gas and HP Gas. All three are looking for dealers for themselves. Announcements and notifications are issued from time to time. Companies invite applications for advertising. Is published on the websites of newspapers and companies. Applicants have to apply a definite format. The distributor has to be selected from the lottery system after the application process. People whose names appear in the lottery are called for further processing

◆ Who can start a gas agency

Educational qualification for opening a gas agency was graduation before, but it has been reduced to 10th pass. LPG dealerships will now be able to take at least a 10th pass in the General or Regulator category. The new guidelines released by the oil companies now allow anyone up to the age of 60 to apply for a gas agency. However, the first LPG distributorship is offered to people between the ages of 21 and 45

● online booking of LPG cylinders ✓
● Order Refill ✓
● Check the status of their requests ✓
● Check Your Gas Subsidy Status ✓
● Customer Support✓
● File complaints✓

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