Vahli Dikari Yojna Form Increased Filling & Full Details Open 2020

Due to the epidemic and lockdown of Gandhinagar Kovid 19, the Gujarat government's Rs. 133 crore "Vali Dikari Yojana" has also been backed up. Only 9,325 daughters have benefited from this scheme from August 2019 to September 2020. Therefore, the state's Women and Child Welfare Department The application period for availing the benefits of the scheme has been extended from 12 months to 18 months

To prevent female feticide in Gujarat and to provide incentive force for girls' education in poor families

● Enrollment in Class 1st Early Intervention Part Rs. 4,000

Enrollment in Class 9th Late Intervention Part Rs. 6,000

● Attaining 18 years of Age Wedding or Higher Education Rs. 1,00,000

The government launched the Whale Daughter scheme in July last year. The scheme came into effect in August. The Department of Women and Child Welfare announced a one-year deadline to apply for its benefits. - The lockdown came into effect due to 19. The Carnosar government has extended the application time limit by 6 months in case of a daughter born on 4th 31st March 2020 and now the application deadline is 18 months which was earlier 12 months from the date of birth
The application period has been extended for one year instead of 12 months from the date of birth of the daughter so the parents of the daughter born after August 2019 will have more opportunity to apply

◆ Required Documents

● Daughter's birth certificate

● Parent's Aadhaar card

● Maternal birth certificate

● Annual income of parents (given by Mamlatdar / Taluka Development Officer / Chief Officer)

● Examples of births of children born and surviving in the family

● Certificate of birth control (when having another child)

● Affidavit enabled by the competent officer of the prescribed form


Where to get the form 

Application form for "Vhali Dikari" scheme will be available free of cost through Anganwadi Center / CDPO office / Gram Panchayat / Women and Child Officer's office.

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