State Government Electricity Prices How did Reduction

State Government Electricity Prices How did Reduction

Energy Minister Saurabh Patel has said that the state government led by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has taken various decisions in the interest of consumers to ensure that consumers in the state get electricity at cheaper rates and the burden of power generation costs is not borne by consumers. The state government has decided to reduce the fuel surcharge levied by Rs 19 per unit. As a result, more than 1.40 crore customers in the state will get a three-month relief of Rs 356 croreThe Energy Minister added that in addition to energy charge, fuel surcharge is levied on the electricity bill from the consumers who consume electricity. During the last quarter i.e. during the quarter of July 2020 to September 2020,

all the four power distribution companies under Gujarat Energy Development Corporation Limited were levying fuel surcharge at the rate of Rs. 2.00 per unit

Against this, a fuel surcharge of Rs 1.81 per unit has to be levied during the October-December-December 2020 period. Due to this reduction, power consumers will get a relief of Rs 356 crore

He added that the main reason for the reduction in fuel surcharge was that during this quarter, the state government has purchased gas at cheaper rates in the interest of consumers and produced gas-based electricity which has reduced the cost of power generation. This means that more than 1.40 crore customers will get this benefit directly, which will reduce their electricity bills and reduce the bill, he added

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