Cardholders Will Receive A Pouch Of Extra Sugar And Cottonseed Oil & Full Details Open 2020

Diwali festivities Taking this into consideration, the state government has decided to provide additional 1 kg of sugar and 1 liter of cottonseed oil pouches to the ration card holders in addition to the prescribed quantity. BPL cardholders will get Rs 1 per kg and Atyodaya cardholders will get an extra 1 kg of sugar at Rs 15 per kg, while a pouch of cottonseed oil will get Rs 50 per liter

The next Diwali is on November 15. In view of this, the supply department has decided to provide pouches of sugar and cottonseed oil for the festival in the month of November. There are a total of 2,8,000 NFSA cardholders in Ahmedabad city. There are a total of 6 reasonably priced shops in the city from where this quantity can be obtained

In this regard, according to the managers of ration shops, the quantity for the month of November has not reached the ration shops of the city till October 30 today. So that from November 1, in addition to the fixed quantity, it is not possible to distribute the additional quantity declared for the festival

Usually the supply of that month reaches the reasonably priced shops by the last week of the next month. However, the month of November has not come yet. So the fear of creating a distribution problem is being served.

In this regard, according to the officials of the supply department, the work of delivering the supply to the ration shops is going on. There will be no problem in distribution in the month of November

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This year, under the 'One Nation One Ration Card', beneficiaries from states including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Union Territories including Diu-Daman-Dadra Nagar Haveli will be able to get quantity of foodgrains from any village or city in the state at reasonable prices. Besides, the beneficiaries of any district of Gujarat will be able to get the quantity of foodgrains available to them from the ration shop of any village or city

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