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વીજ કંપનીઓ ગુજરાતની પ્રજાને આપશે રૂ.213 કરોડનો ઝટકો, લાઇટ બીલ વધીને આવશે

Power companies will give a tweak of Rs 213 crore to the people of Gujarat, high light bills will come

AHMEDABAD: As many as 1.30 crore electricity connection holders of four power distribution companies of Gujarat Energy Development Corporation (GEDC) have been forced to pay more than Rs. Will fall. As a result, all electricity connection holders in Gujarat will get Rs. An additional burden of Rs 213 crore will come. The purchase of 21348 million units of electricity, says an expert in the power sector

He made the purchase after an increase of 12 paise per unit due to a decline in industrial power consumption. As a result, his expenses under the Fuel Price and Power Purchase Agreement were increased by 12 paise per unit. At the same time, on a unit of electricity, according to the FPPPA formula, Rs. 2 means recovery. The Commission has to seek approval. Until now, Rs 1.90 per unit was levied under this formula. GUVNL's power distribution companies in their own way in 10 paisa per unit extra bill

Has the legal authority to recover. He has to seek approval from the Jerk-Electric Regulation Commission to charge the remaining 2 paise per unit. So these two paise will be charged in the October-November-December quarterly bill after approval. Purchases are believed to have taken place after the lockdown on March 25, when power consumption of industrial units slowed down and shut down. Therefore, the power purchase cost has increased from Rs.4.56 per unit to Rs.4.66. There is another reason for the high cost of buying electricity. Gujarat State Ill

No power was generated in Units 3, 4 and 5 of 

Gandhinagar Power Plant. So the fixed cost has increased by Rs 72 crore. Gujarat's fixed cost of not generating electricity in 1 to 7 power plants of Wanakbori is Rs. 157 crore. Also, the fixed cost of Wanakabori No. 8 plant generating only 377 MW of electricity has increased by Rs. 221 crore.

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અમારા વોટ્સઅપ ગ્રૂપમાં જોડાવા:અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Fixed cost increased by Rs. 809 crore. Thus, the fixed cost has increased by Rs. Thus, the total fixed cost has increased by Rs 809 crore. From 1st April 2020, Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission has allowed a maximum of Rs.2.10 per unit under FPPPPA formula.Rail

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