JIO Launched Work From Home New Plan

Automatically Block Unwanted Calls, Block Numbers & Make Personal Call Blacklist It occurs a lot of time that we get calls from an unknown number. This kind of situation are not only annoying, but they also waste our time and disturb quiet moments in our life.

JIO Launched Work From Home New Plan

Let’s face it, do you hate unwanted and spam calls as we do? I know we all hate spam and robo calls that’s why we build an effective SIM Blocker and Call Blocker app that can put a stop on these spam and unwanted calls and numbers.

SIM Blocker and Call Blocker is a very simple application with just one purpose, blocking unwanted calls. SIM Blocker and Call Blocker app will make sure that you will not get disturbed from spam callers, unwanted callers or any other number you want to avoid.

Just add the number to the blacklist and the app will do the job, at any time you can easily add people to whitelist and blacklist and also can edit the list of blocked numbers in blacklist. SIM blocker and call blocker is a perfect call blocker application for your Android device.

SIM blocker and phone number blocker is basically a security app that allows many features. Main Features of SIM Blocker and Call Blocker App:
  • Dual SIM Call Blocker
SIM blocker and call filter is one of the best call blocker app in play store because of its dual SIM call blocker functionality, this is the first dual SIM call blocker app for android devices. If you have a smartphone with dual SIM-Cards you can set your block mode for each SIM-Card separately. This call control function is compatible with almost all android 7.0 devices and newer.
Tasks Scheduler

SIM Blocker app is beautifully designed and is extremely easy to use, the free version of SIM blocker and call blocker app comes with ads. You can remove the ads and get more features by buying the pro version from the play store.

JIO Launched Work From Home New Plan

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One of the best feature of SIM blocker and Call blocker app is tasks schedule. You can schedule the blacklist to block calls or you can create tasks for specified time period and for specified phone numbers, for example Call blocking is enabled from 09 AM to 2:00 PM. The app will automatically schedule task daily for specified phone numbers, and you don’t need to do anything. You can also select weekdays to block calls only on specific days.
  • SMS and Notifications
With this call blocker app you can enable automatic SMS and Notification. The app will start running in the notification bar with a message Blocking is Enabled, and if a call gets blocked you can setup that you want to send automatic SMS and get a notification for all blocked calls or not.

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